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Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling

In my work I draw on attachment as well as pychodynamic and relational theory.

Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling

What is counselling?

Sometimes it may be a single issue that brings you to counselling: a change in your life, difficulties in your relationships, stress at work or in your personal life. You may need to talk about what is happening at work in a confidential environment with a counsellor.
Time Limited Counselling can be very useful to work through a single issue.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy looks at what is happening in your life on a deeper level taking into account past experiences as well as current life events. It can help you to understand yourself and to change deeply engrained patterns of behaviour. Sometimes going back to the past can help to make sense of your present experiences. At other times staying in the here and now is more helpful.

Integrative psychotherapy & counselling

In my work I draw on attachment as well as pychodynamic and relational theory. Psychodynamic work seeks to understand the past in order to achieve more freedom in the present: it works with what is communicated unconsciously.
I also work relationally to raise awareness of the here-and-now relationship between client and therapist.

I view psychotherapy as care for the human soul.

Human soul

As human beings we need to find meaning in what happens to us. As someone with a religious background I am open to exploring existential as well as spiritual and religious questions. In doing so I will support you to find your own path in life and will strive to be respectful of your choices.

The body in psychotherapy

Effective therapy will also be attentive to what is happing on a bodily level. We cannot separate our physical from our mental experiences. Traumatic experiences, in particular, affect our physical and as well as our mental well being. Psychological stress can make us physically ill and serious physical illness may affect our mental well being. The two are interrelated. While it is important always to seek out medical treatment for physical illness psychotherapy can help to look at underlying causes or help you to live life with an illness.

Human imperfection

A lot of suffering is caused by thriving for perfection but attaining perfection is humanly impossible. The therapeutic session is where we can learn to live with our imperfections.


Being able to reflect on our actions is partly what makes us uniquely human but ruminating - becoming excessively preoccuied - is unhealthy and can make us feel bad about ourselves. Counselling can help to disrupt unhelpful thought processes.

The unconscious

Famously psychoanalysis began with the idea of the unconscious. Our feelings and actions are directed by beliefs we are not even aware of. In the therapeutic relationship you will become aware of some these unconscious beliefs, assess whether they are still valid and gain greater freedom.

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