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About Therapy

It takes courage to seek therapy/counselling. Very often the very issues, which bring us to therapy makes it difficult to start.
Therapy will help you to be more fully alive. During the process difficult and painful feelings may be brought to the fore whilst offering insight and ultimately relief of your pain.
Psychotherapy (& counselling) works best within the framework of regular once or twice weekly sessions (at a set time). However I understand that circumstances (such as work or family commitments) may sometimes make it difficult to attend sessions regularly. We will discuss this in the first session to find a frame that works for both of us.

A regular therapy (counselling) session lasts 50 minutes and costs 80€.
Having trained in the U.K. I have obtained the license of a 'Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie'. It is a qualification, which allows practising in Germany. At this point I am not working with German health insurance.

Counselling focuses on a single issue such as a bereavement. Counselling works within the framework of an agreed number of sessions.
Psychotherapy is less structured than psychotherapy and offers the opportunity to work at a deeper level. It is open ended. I understand it may be very difficult for some people to pay the fee on a regular basis. As an English language counsellor I am offering a few lost cost places for people who need therapy in English and cannot afford to pay for their own therapy. It is also possible to reduce the fee for open ended therapy once a commitment has been made.
I am operating a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Confidentiality & Supervision

Sessions are confidential. No third party will be informed about what is discussed in the room except for supervision purposes.The work is professionally supervised but people are not identifiable in supervision sessions. Confidentiality does not apply however when you or others are at risk.
We will have no social contact outside the therapy room.

How long will it take until I feel better?

You may not know how many sessions you need when you start therapy/counselling. We will discuss that in the first session as well.
Short-Term counselling has the ending in mind from the beginning. We will agree on a set number of sessions and a particular focus for the work.
Long-Term therapy is open-ended and therefore less structured time wise. It offers the opportunity to work at a deeper level.
If you feel like ending therapy it is best practice to agree on an end (date) and work towards it rather than to end abruptly.

Please consult the data protection information on this website.

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