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Offering psychotherapy/ counselling in English as well as in German

English Language Counsellor in Hannover-Kleefeld

Psychotherapy (Counselling) Hannover-Kleefeld

I am providing a space to explore what is happening in your life. Many issues may bring you to therapy. Sometimes one can feel depressed or even empty. You may feel overwhelmed with strong feelings of anger or anxiety (rage or shame) or stress. Therapy/ counselling will help you to think about difficult feelings to understand them better.
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Ich arbeite auch in deutscher Sprache (Deutsch).

Counsellor in Kleefeld

I have lived and worked in London for almost twenty years and I have been offering counselling/ psychotherapy to international clients in Hannover-Kleefeld since 2015. I work cross culturally and am striving to be sensitive to issues of difference. I have worked in private practice as well as in hospital settings. I am working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.
As someone with a religious background I am fully aware that faith can be a source of great comfort as well as great pain. It is important to consider both during the therapeutic work. I am also willing to think about and explore ethical and existential questions as well as questions of spirituality. I will sit alongside you not impose my world view onto you.

Working as a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist in Germany/ Hannover

Having trained at an established institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in London I have acquired a licence as 'Heilpraktikerin beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie' in 2015 (Gesundheitsamt, Hannover). The 'Heilpraktiker', a qualification that allows opening a private practice in Germany, is regulated within the German health system. It allows to offer psychotherapeutic services but does not licence the practitioner to work with German health insurance.
Counselling is time limited (8-12 sessions). It is possible to do very meaningful work within a couple of sessions. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Psychotherapy is more open ended and will enable us to do more in depth work.
At the beginning of the treatment we will discuss your needs. However the process new topics may emerge that need exploring.

Integrative Psychotherapy (& English Language Counselling)

We are relational beings. However in relationships we get hurt, often very early on. Often by the people who we trusted most (but not always). It requires a lot hard work to heal these relational wounds and to learn to trust. We cannot thrive without being in relationships (intimate, friends, colleagues).
Psychotherapeutic work is about learning and un-learning how to relate. What we have learned as children may not be useful as adults.

Counsellor in Kleefeld (Contact)

You can call me and leave me a message. I will call you back with 48 hours. Or you can write me an Email.

0176 55291540
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Psychotherapy & Counselling (Hannover-Kleefeld)


A regular therapy (counselling) session lasts 50 minutes and costs 100€. A couple session lasts 60 minutes and costs 120 €. You can pay via bank transfer. Please note, I am operating a 48 hours cancellation policy. A few low cost places are available. I am operating a sliding scale if necessary.

Counsellor/Psychotherapy in Kleefeld

My practice is conveniently located in Hannover-Kleefeld (near Pferdeturm) within easy reach from Marienstrasse, Kirchrode, Heideviertel, Misburg, the City Centre as well as Zooviertel, Bult and Südstadt Local Map. The nearest Strassenbahn stop (U-Bahn) is Kantplatz (line 4 and 5). The 127 bus from Misburg stops at Kantplatz as well as the 137. From Kantplatz it is a two minutes walk to the counselling practice in Hannover-Kleefeld.

Hannover is well connected to the major German cities in Northern Germany (i.e. Braunschweig). If you are looking for psychotherapeutic help with an English speaking practitioner it may well be worth the journey. My practice can be reached from Magdeburg, Oldenburg and other cities/ villages in Northern Germany. For example, the train (WFB) between Braunschweig and Hannover takes 45 minutes and there are three trains within an hour. It takes about 20 minutes from Hannover HBF to Hannover-Kleefeld.
The A 2 connects Braunschweig and Hannover. The nearest exit on the Messeschnellweg: Kleefeld. The Messeschnellweg makes Kleefeld accessible from Bemerode, Mittelfeld, Messe and the direction of Langenhagen.

Free parking is available in the area.

Bereavement (Counsellor in Kleefeld)

Navigating bereavement and loss can be very difficult. It is ok not to be ok.

English Language Counselling/ Psychotherapy

If your English is better than your German you may find it easier to talk to a counsellor who speaks English as well, even if you are already feeling quite comfortable speaking German.
If you are new to Germany you may find it quite hard to learn the language. Not knowing a language may lead to difficult feelings of displacement or low self esteem. These can also be discussed during the counselling sessions. Psychotherapy (as well as counselling) in my experience also works when English (or German) is your second language.

Integrative psychotherapy tailors the treatment according to your individual needs

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