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Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling in Hannover-Kleefeld

Integrative psychotherapy (as well as counselling) combines theoretical ideas and practical interventions from different therapeutic models in order to meet the needs of individual clients. I am using attachment theory as well as psychodynamic and relational theory. Most importantly I will aim to be attuned to your process.
I also work relationally to raise awareness of the here-and-now relationship between client and therapist.

Psychotherapy in English as well as in German

I am a counsellor offering psychotherapy (& counselling) in English as well as in German depending on which language is most comfortable for you. German born I lived and worked in the UK for almost twenty years. During that time I trained as a psychotherapist (and counsellor) at an established psychotherapeutic training college and obtained the MA from Middlesex University.
Having lived in an international city I have always worked cross culturally. It is my aim to be sensitive to people's ethnic and cultural origin, their religious beliefs and sexual orientation. I understand that living in a culture different to your own can raise difficult questions.In my work I am aiming to be respectful of cultural differences whilst simultaneously raising awareness of hurt that has been caused within a particular cultural or family environment.

I am a member of the DVP. Membership means the therapeutic training is seen as sufficient to obtain the ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapists).

Student Counselling & Low Cost Therapy

Being a student is a great opportunity. As any new experience is may also be a difficult experience, in particular when you are in a foreign country. There may be questions you want to explore. Am I studying what I want or am I doing what my parents want me to do? How do I make friends at university? How do I cope with cultural differences?
Working at post graduate level may raise its own challenges. How do I deal with uncertainties of doing research? Is it all worth it? Counselling may will help you to deal with depression.
As a student you may qualify for low cost therapy. I am offering a few low cost places to people who need counselling but cannot access therapy through their health insurance.

English Language Counsellor in Hannover (near Braunschweig)

A psychotherapist (or a counsellor) is not a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance but someone who will support and guide you.
In a safe place it is possible to talk about experiences you have never been able to talk about before. A psychotherapist (counsellor) will listen to your truth and helps to speak the unspeakable. She will help you to bear the unbearable.
Psychotherapeutic sessions are private and confidential. My psychotherapeutic work is professionally supervised by a trained psychotherapist. A psychotherapist (or a counsellor) is not a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance but someone who will support and guide you.

English Language Counselling & Psychotherapy (Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Bereavement)

Many people have had therapy in their second or third language and found it worked for them.
It is a struggle to learn a new language as an adult. If English has helped you on your journey you may find it easier to talk to someone who speaks English as well. Psychotherapy (as well as counselling) in my experience also works when English (or German) is your second language.
Even if you are feeling already quite comfortable speaking German it may be helpful to see a counsellor who speaks English as well as German when English is your first language. The success of therapy depends one the quality of the relationship we are going to build. This is facilitated through language.

How to reach the Psychotherapy Practice in Hannover-Kleefeld

Hannover is well connected to the major German cities in Northern GermanyThe counselling/ psychotherapy practice is conveniently located in Hannover-Kleefeld (near Pferdeturm) within easy reach from Marienstrasse, Kirchrode, Heideviertel, Misburg, the City Centre as well as Zooviertel, Bult and Südstadt Local Map
The nearest Strassenbahn stop (U-Bahn) is Kantplatz (line 4 and 5). The 127 bus from Misburg stops at Kantplatz as well as the 137. The nearest exit on the Messeschnellweg: Kleefeld. The Messeschnellweg makes Kleefeld accessible from Bemerode, Mittelfeld, Messe and the direction of Langenhagen. From Kantplatz it is a two minutes walk to the counselling practise in Hannover-Kleefeld.
It is possible to travel to Hannover from Braunschweig as well as Hamburg. The train (WFB) between Braunschweig and Hannover takes 45 minutes and there are three trains within an hour. The A 2 connects Braunschweig and Hannover.
Free parking is available in the area.
It takes roughly 20 minutes from Hannover HBF to Hannover-Kleefeld. If you are searching for an English speaking psychotherapist or counsellor it may well be worth the journey.

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